Flatstock 76 in Mexico City, Mexico is CLOSED

Flatstock 76 will be happening Nov 20/21, 2021 at https://www.coronacapital.com.mx -- it has operated under the name Afiche Fetiche for the last 4 festivals and we are now making it an official API / Flatstock event.

Registration is only open to current API members.
There will be a total of 10 tents measuring 10'x20' and each tent will be split in two between 2 studios (like Chicago) for a total of 20 spots.
The cost of the booth is ZERO!
However, the economy of Mexico means you will be selling your posters for $400-$500 pesos or $20 - $25 US. You can mark some posters for higher cost but there is not a huge audience for expensive posters. Govt regulations to fight counterfeit bills means that payment will be done through wristbands and readers. You can accept cash at your own risk. Arrangements are being made to pay out artists after the festival closes or the next day.
A basic knowledge of Spanish will get you a long way but we will have some helpers around to translate as needed.
Covid is still very active in Mexico. Covid requirements TBA
Additional notes: we recommend you find an AirBNB in the Roma Norte neighborhood - especially near Parque Mexico and Parque Espana. Shuttle vans will take us to and from the festival so the closer we all are together the easier/faster the experience.
The weather is usually mild - pants and tshirt during the day and sweater and light jacket at night. There are a lot of fun things to do around Mexico CIty and we'll fill you on those later but make sure you have Uber app to get around because taxis can be... unreliable and possibly unsafe.
We look forward to seeing you in sunny Mexico City!

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