11 thoughts on “Flatstock 48 Registration is CLOSED!

  1. Hey tuffy, i didn’t get an email about registration, my buddy gave me a heads up. Is everything up to date with my account? I just signed up for sxsw anyway, hoping that everything is copacetic.

  2. hey Tuffy – OK – so after many repeated into the night attempts to reg for Flatstock I still have no joy, … so i guess all i can do is formally request a double and you can send me details of how to pay?
    Jo Jacknife

  3. Heya Jacknife, I just got it to work. I decided to just create a new user name and pay again and figure that part out later. But once I paid, it let me in under my old user name. And I got the registration form.

    1. Hi John. Thanks very much for that. I just paid subscription again – I’m now paid up to 2023! and it worked finally so all good. I’m guessing if you want a double you put in number of booths as two. Chris at Jacknife

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